Marc Anthony Porch
Founding Member

Urban Consultant
Ronald C. Davis
Urban Consultant

Artist Tour One LLC is a "Campaign Touring Company" that provides various themed
banners to community's in order to help them deliver a solutions based messages
through our events and activities that are specifically designed to raise increased
awareness with continuous community action, established in the state of North Carolina
2012, by community activist, business executives and entertainers.

Artist Tour One will reach millions of citizens nationally. Every community nationally has
been affected by the national crisis of violence that leads to death and imprisonment of
our next generation; for example more young black men have in Chicago in 2012
compared with the number of black men that have died in Afghanistan and Iraq wars in
2012. Artist Tour One will partner with families, students, communities, School Districts,
Police Departments, Colleges, Universities, combining our unified efforts and actions to
decrease the senseless violence that's killing or imprisoning our next generation the
most alarming statistics is 500% more black men have to prison since 1986 in our nation.

This Community Campaign will consist of a series of events that will inject multiple music
genres such as Gospel, Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop in order to reach a diverse audience.
Your community involvement is encouraged to help cultivate on-going action to address
this issue in an interactive approach for long term action which will lead to positive

"Stop the Violence Music Fest Community Campaign" Artist Tour One Core Team of
artist is; Black Diamond Boys, Curtis Young, Dr. Dre Son, Reuben Cannon Nick Cannon
Brother, Okirike, Mike Alexander, KRS-ONE, Bone Thugs N Harmony and Chicago
native James Adams(Slique)